The Best Yoga Mats

The Evolution of High-Quality and Eco-friendly Yoga Mats

the best yoga mats

The health advantages of yoga are well known now. This ancient Indian health improvement technique is gaining a huge popularity across the world. Millions of people are practicing yoga every day to gain desired fitness and cure critical health issues. This renowned fitness technique can lead you towards a healthy lifestyle that we all want to live. It doesn’t require any special equipment and training. All you do is controlling your breath, meditate and adopt some specific body posture to do the yoga exercises. It offers better health and peace of mind. People can practice yoga anytime at home, but your yoga practice will go more smoothly, if you use a yoga mat.

Why do you need a yoga mat?

People have been practicing yoga for thousands of years. This is the oldest health and fitness technique, which was evolved in India. You may say that the yogis of that age may not have used any sort of mat, but that’s not true. All the yogis used to sit over some sort of mat or cloth to maintain their body posture for the yoga practice. You can check the pictures discovered by the researchers to ensure this fact. A yoga mat is very necessary for the yoga practice because without it you cannot gain better stability and comfort for yoga asanas. Even sitting on the floor would be a daunting task for you, if you spend at-least ten minutes by practicing yoga. You should search for the best yoga mats and buy the best rated mat now.

Yoga was introduced to the western world during the 19th and 20th centuries. It was new for the western people and people were trying it as a physical exercise technique. Of course, the yoga mats were developed during that age and those were normal PVC yoga mats. People had gotten positive results in terms of better health and therefore yoga had gained more popularity in the western countries. Many companies had worked to improve the quality and comfort of yoga mats in which Jade Yoga was the pioneering one. Check out website for fruitful information on yoga now.

The evolution of yoga mats:

The early yoga mats were prepared from PVC. Many people had reported that they were not comfortable with the PVC yoga mats. Jade Yoga was the pioneering yoga mat developing company. It had tested several materials and then developed the yoga mats prepared from natural rubber. Today also this jade yoga mat is quite popular among the yogis. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic and quite durable. Many other companies have tried to develop such kind of yoga mats, but none of them have developed yoga mats like Jade Mats.

The Jade Harmony Professional is a famous yoga mat, developed by Jade Yoga. Thousands of people are reviewing it, buying it and using it. All of them seem satisfied with the features and quality of this yoga mat. It offers you better stability on the floor, when you practice different yoga asanas. It offers incredible comfort during the breathing exercises. Thus, you practice yoga longer without facing any sort of difficulty during the exercise.